GamePlay 2 Midterm Mixer! This Friday (03/11) 12:30-2pm in BR206

by admin on March 8, 2016, no comments

Drop in and play some of the great little 2 player video games by our current Game Play 2 students. This will be a great opportunity to meet, talk, and enjoy food & drinks with other students, local game devs, and recent IA graduates. Everyone’s invited, so bring a friend!
Featured Games:
Fish Snatch
- Race to the finish as competing feline aquanauts in this fish snatching racing game for two players.
Huggles & Swibbles
- Cling to your cute geometric buddy as you fall through space and match color patterns in this cooperative game for two.
- You and your partner must survive the onslaught of nightmare creatures in this arcade-inspired, glitchy arena shooter.