IDA Concentration
The IDA concentration offers core course requirements that can be adapted to meet the needs of on- or off-screen artists investigating areas such as new media art, interactive installation, multimedia, sound art, performance, game arts and robotics. A wide range of electives are available for students to choose a direction the best meets the needs of their chosen major. For more information please contact:

Game Arts Concentration
The Game Arts concentration is a 5 coure, 15 credit program that explore how games can be viewed as a form of art. Students are required to take two introductory course: GamePlay and Concept Art and then can choose three more course from the listed below:

Game/Play 2: Digital Games
Experimental Games
Game Studio
Character Design
Advanced Character Design
Advanced Concept Art
Narrative: Words and Pictures
Fantasy Art

The goal of this concentration is explore games as a artistic medium and introduce students to the theory, production and professional methods within the field. The concentration will be available to students in 2012 and if you have any questions please contact
Game Arts Concentration Site

Sound Art Concentration
The Concentration in Sound Art at MICA is a cross-departmental concentration that provides students with a formal understanding of how sound and music can be utilized in all the arts as an expressive, sculptural, environmental, net-worked and musical medium. This Concentration will focus its curriculum on composition, improvisation, computer music, sound installation, psychoacoustics, sound track work, instrument design, sound art, radio art, critical theory and history. For more information please contact:
Sound Art Concentration Site

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