UnSilent Night on December 4th!

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• Next Thursday MICA Sound Art presents: UnSilent Night Baltimore:
“Unsilent Night”, a participatory parade piece for an unlimited number of boomboxes, returns to Baltimore after a 2-year hiatus! This ambient work with a wintery holiday vibe, by post-minimalist composer Phil Kline, will be realized through synchronized playback of multiple parts distributed on CDs and cassettes to anyone who shows up with a boombox. Over the past 13 years, this work has been performed in cities around the world as a magical transformation of the urban soundscape. MICA’s Sound Art program has inherited the collection of CDs and cassettes to realize this piece from its former presenting organization in Baltimore, Mobtown Modern music series.

Participants are asked to be assembled by the Man/Woman sculpture in front of Penn Station, ready to go at 7:00 PM. Bring a boombox (with CD or cassette playing capability, and fresh batteries) if you would like to play one of the parts. Anyone is welcome to join the parade simply as listeners as well. Our route will be revealed when we assemble.

Facebook Event: https://www.facebook.com/events/1474478212840636/

UnSilent Night 2008 Flashback: