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OUROBOROS is a self-published EP by the group Tendrills. Tendrills is Andrew Scotti (IA Spring ’14) & Alex Homen. Available at    [bandcamp width=100% height=42 album=2320297700 size=small bgcol=ffffff linkcol=0687f5]

Flight of the Rocking Chair by Michelle Shen

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A 3D game by Michelle Shen that uses a rocking chair as the main input. Flight of the Rocking Chair investigates how physical interactions translate to virtual game spaces and aims to provide an immersive experience through rocking in a chair and exploring an abstract 3D environment.

Hive by Jasper Crocker, Margo Sikes,+more

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Hive is a table top game created by Jasper Crocker, Margo Sikes, Sean Ostrowski and Isaac Wong, all students in the IDA department’s GamePlay course. The game is about capturing territory by chaining together your pieces while defending your pieces against the other player’s movements.

The Pillar by David Fong

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The Pillar was part of David Fong’s Art + Technology thesis project. Using reflective mirrors¬†and LEDs, the¬†works explore infinite spaces and suggestive interactions. Wood, steel, steel cable, mirrors, electroluminescent tape 5’x5′ & 3’x3′ – April 2011

Pulsus by Anthony Mattox

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Pulsus is a dynamic puzzle game. Explore a beautiful, flowing system of particles and learn to manipulate it with different objects to complete goals. Move slowly through the game to enjoy the evolving forms of particles or quickly to get your best scores. Building on the award winning flash game (online at, Pulsus for […]

Fields by Benjamin Domanico + Jacob Mauer

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Fields is an interactive installation that uses Plexiglass, ferrofluid, stepper motors, video and custom electronics to create a sculpture that can sense and respond to a viewers magnetic field.